Friday, July 26, 2013


A soft furnishings project for Year 9 Textiles Technology. Inspiration and instructions from Living with Punks - thank you!!

Students are required to incorporate block printing, quilting, pleating, piping and a zipper.

Using stitch #86 - a "hand look" running stitch - one of my favourites! Quilting a panel for part of the side.

Used a variegated thread.

Pleating two sections for the side.

Mexican pleating

I have a great handout about making continuous binding from a rectangle of fabric.

A 35cm piece of fabric made over 12metres of bias strips 25mm wide!

Making the piping. This is very thin cord - I didn't need a zipper foot.

Two end circles and handle have been piped.

Adding a zipper.

Handle attached.
Organising and designing the side panel.

Side panel all stitched together and attached to circle ends.


My pouffe doesn't have the block printing feature, looking forward to the student's end products!! This was filled with a mixture of wadding, stuffing and old towels and old clothing - it takes alot of filling!!!


  1. Hi Gay! Im a textile techie teacher too! In southern Adelaide, at an R-12school. Not sure how I came across your blog, glad I did! Great yo see the ideas we have and tasks we offer our kids! I too blog, and would love you to pop by. Having fun behing the scenes with Aust Curric rewrites, taking the opportunity to freshen things up! Keep on creating! Great work!
    Cheers, Tracy
    Ive got a notion

  2. What a practical, colourful and fun project! Great way to incorporate so many skills into one project. Hope you show some of the students work.

  3. Oh dear heavens but I have to make this!


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