Monday, June 27, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

So we start with the ASG Industry Day at the Simplicity Warehouse at Revesby. We had some great guest speakers and the opportunity to purchase patterns, trims, notions and fabrics. Jodie "RicRac" Carlton had us in "stitches" with her stand up comedy routine .... the girl was an absolute hoot and it was just amazing to see the many totally cute and clever little toys in real life that I had seen on her blog over the years. And ... just to warn you - there will be many photographs on this post ....

Jodie in action "And this is a Bernina Sewing Machine, and the machine on the right is an ... an  ....??"

As you can see, Jodie is a legend, and we could all relate to her hilarious anecdotes - especially if you've ever had a teenage son. Her imagination, skill and sense of humour is mind blowing, and I came away with the reminder to practise those pelvic floor exercises!! If you haven't seen Jodie's work before - pop on over for a look -  the patterns for her toys and other projects are also available.

Another speaker was Renee Wedell - a Haute Couture dressmaker with experience in Paris working for Givenchy, Balenciaga and Chanel -  this lady was truly amazing - her skills, her challenges, her life experiences - there is no other way to say it - but, just amazing. She had made clothes for Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy amongst others- it was a pleasure to hear her story.
Balenciaga Dress

 Also, at Simplicity, John Byrnes spoke to us about some new pattern ranges that Simplicity has been developing, basically to encourage new sewists with simpler patterns - so that should be interesting to watch out for. Once again, another truly worthwhile ASG Industry Day.

So, Sunday was the Craft and Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour. My friend Nicole and I helped out on Nicole Mallalieu's stand. It was a great fair - on my quick buzz around I saw a good variety of stalls - and I noticed great interest in yarns. Nikki's stall was consistently busy, and it was great to see some friendly faces and other bloggers.

The items on the top shelf are some of the great projects in Nikki's new book.

Nikki & Nicole    

Hands On Printing Activities

The gorgeous Sewing Guild girls roping in new members.

Delicious Yarn Creations

And so, the sock monkeys and I need to get back to the normal routine. Ciao!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sewing Stuff in Sydney

I'll be forging my way up the F3 over the weekend .... Saturday the ASG Industry Day - can't wait to meet Miss Clever Pants .... and Sunday I'll be helping the equally Miss Clever Pants at her stall at Darling Harbour for the Craft and Quilt Fair - pop in and say hi and remind me that I do not need any more patterns, fabric or doo dads  ...... have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Style Arc Kate Dress

Continuing on my wave of Style Arc Patterns, here is my Kate Dress. Tempted to make it in 'Royal Blue" but decided instead on a very nice Art Nouveaux Print from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is a fine and lightweight jersey. I made a Size 12 - my previous Style Arc's were size 10 - but since wearing the jacket a few times - I decided to go up one size - just a little too snug under the arms. This Size 12 fits great.
Very straight forward to sew. There are a few curiosities with these patterns - possibly stemming from their Industry background. Anyway, they suggest using  a stretch thread - I interpreted that to mean woolly nylon - which I often use in the bobbin - I've never used it as the top thread .... not sure if that's what they mean. They also recommend to use Vilene Tearaway to stabilise the neck and front edges - and then the remove the tearaway at the end - that's foreign to me - I just used some lovely soft Hansel fusing that I was recently able to get my hands on. So it was fused on - and left there. I also used strips of Hansel to stabilise the edges for turning under - front edges, hem edges and sleeve hems - worked a treat.  As I write this post, I just got a reply from Chloe at Style Arc about the Tearaway.... here it is: "We use vilene tearaway sta's because it saves one process in fusing the required area and the machinist is able to sew the seam to the exact measurement - then tear it away when the garment is completed." I must say that Chloe and the team at Style Arc are very responsive and reply to emails very promptly, they are happy to receive feedback!
I think there is less fullness on this dress than shows in their diagram - you could easily add fullness but cutting and spreading the pattern piece. But again, Chloe form Style Arc replied that they will alter the diagram to reflect the less fullness. But, I still really like this dress - the fit, the style, and the I didn't have that uncomfortable feeling about worrying about the neckline gaping or the front wrap unwrapping!

Hansel Fusing - Super Soft and light - it has a slight stretch as well.

Fused Hansel to the edges.

Hansel Strips applied to hem edges & overlocked.

Oh don't hurt me Big Louis!!
And yes, there will be more Style Arc appearing soon - I'm doing the Laura Jacket at the moment.