Wednesday, October 31, 2012

High Tea with a Citrus Flavour

Today I submitted my dress for the TAFE course I have been studying this year. The brief was "High Tea with a Citrus Flavour" ....

The dress is fully lined. Black and white fabric leftover from another dress I made - but originally from Frou Frou in Melbourne, Lime Linen from Chic Fabrique.

Pattern made by me! It was a huge project, not just the pattern making and sewing side, but ALL of the OTHER STUFF they require!! It has certainly been a fantastic learning experience ...... one more project to go!!! Thanks once again to my lovely House Model!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Belle of the Boredroom

A fun task for TAFE this year .... UPCYCLING existing garments. Friends donated their unwanted business shirts and away I went! Big thanks to my lovely model!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vogue 7610 Jacket

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my Tessuti Dress Entry. The finalists have been announced, and alas, I am not one of them ..... there's always next year!

So, onto Vogue 7610 ... I made this some time back, just trying to catch up on a few things now..... this is great pattern and I've worn these jackets heaps!  First a denim one, lots of top stitching and jeans buttons etc, and the 2nd one I did in baby grey cord with a fake fur trim - all fabrics from Rosemary at Chic Fabrique.  For the 2nd one I shaved a little off the head of the sleeve I could probably go down a size overall now that I think about it. I cut a Size C. For the 2nd one, I also changed the shape of the back yoke and the shape of the pockets.  These jacket styles are a great addition to your wardrobe, the pattern was fine, though I am curious to try Style Arc's jeans jacket to compare .... but then again that would probably never fit on my "list" for quite some time ...... know what I mean?

Ciao for now!