Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vest with Shrinking Sheet

Some time ago I posted about a bag I made (The City Bag) with a shrinking fabric called "Texture Magic". This stuff is really intriguing and quite a good way to incorporate texture into your sewing. This time around I made a vest using Shrink Sheet - a similar product to Texture Magic - basically, it shrinks 30% in all directions when activated by steam. Firstly you have to stitch the Shrink Sheet to your fabric, shrink it and then sew with it.

I used Monica Poole's Spring Vest Pattern, and made the Puffa Vest (Style C). The pattern was specifically designed to be used with Shrink Sheet - so she had already worked out the extra fabric required.
So, here is my fabric - a cream dotted voile - I stitched a Serpentine pattern down every 2nd row - the Shrink Sheet is underneath ...
Then, here is the iron hovering above the shrink sheet - the steam starts the magic right before your eyes . ...
Here is a section that has just been steamed ...
And here is the right side of the fabric - puffa puffa!

Here is one complete section ....
And here is the finished vest - I lined it with some Spotty Voile (Spotlight) ... The actual shrink sheet has a soft handle - like polyester lining before it is shrunk - after shrinking the handle becomes firmer and quite plastic y ....
I cut a size 16 - but could have done a 14 - the armholes are quite generous - I guess allowing for winter clothes underneath ...
Don't know if I'll wear it - but it would be good on cold windy days. The pattern was great to work with - good clear explanations. I really just made it out of curiosity - I love the texture - but it's a shame the product becomes so firm - might be best to keep it for bags.
Edited to add: Monica tells me that the Golfing Ladies love the puffa vest as it keeps the wind out on cold mornings .... definitely!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My First Jalie Jalie Jalie

This pattern was rated as a Top Ten Pattern by Pattern Review. I intend to make the Jalie Jeans that everyone raves about, so when making my purchase, I purchased this top pattern to make the cost of the postage worthwhile.

This is a great pattern - great easy instructions - very quick and simple to make.

I made the zippered version first with some cheap as chips grey rib from Clarksons at Erina, NSW. Then I made the non zippered version with this lovely double knit from Chic Fabrique.

And for the third of this triffecta, here is the brown fluffy super soft one - fabric also from Chic Fabrique.

Hopefully, I'll tackle the jeans next!

Monday, May 10, 2010

For My Mum

I made a swimming bag for my mum for Mother's Day. She exercises regularly at a local hydrotherapy pool, and, as all swimmers know, one's bag can get very musty. I had seen bags made from mesh around the place, so I thought I'd have a go at using some thick mesh from the hardware store called "Pet Mesh" or "Paw Proof" - really should have got some to keep Miss Maggie from scratching our screens .... anyway,
I based the shape on the Beach Bag pattern.
The bag had a zippered gusset as a closure.
Since it wasn't lined - which would defeat the purpose of the mesh - I covered the raw edges with Satin Bias Tape. I used some great Prints Charming fabric as the feature print. I used the walking foot on my machine and it easily coped with this thick plastic mesh - I used a regular needle.
I attached a zippered pocket to the front of the bag and left the back plain. I used Vilene H 640 (Pellon) to give some body to the back of the print fabric. The base black fabric was a thick canvas. She really liked it!!! Happy Mother's Day Mum!!