Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Tessuti Entry

Well, hello there!! I haven't blogged for ages .... I'm not going to bore you with details, just super busy.  Here is the dress I made for the 2012 Tessuti Dress Award, this year the theme is "Spots and Stripes."

Fabric is 100% Silk Gorgette - Red River Salt, with some Black Rayon for the contrast and Spot Tulle in the skirt and sleeve caps.  Pattern designed and drafted by ME!!! Yes, ME! Garment is self lined and constructed with French Seams throughout ..... many, many teeny tiny French Seams, and there is satin bias binding finishing where a teeny tiny French Seam was not appropriate. You may have noticed by now that it's not me in the photos!!! Ah yes, I've gone to great expense to recruit a lovely Size 10 - and isn't she great?!!!

So, if you've got a spare minute up your puffy sleeve, head on over, check out all the lovely entries,  and vote for my dress in the People's Choice Awards - ta!! Voting ends 10th OCTOBER, 2012