Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More history ...

OK - so this is nearly too funny to talk about - circa 1991 (thanks for your previous comments about my sewing past - seems to have sparked some of your memories too!) - final year Textiles Project (actually it was a Fashion subject - again, too funny)....

Inspired by a talk by Patricia Black ... (1. How did I remember that name??? and 2. Here is her website!!) - I took a piece of leather - not lovely soft handbag type leather but affordable CRAFT type leather -hmm OK - then I wet it and then moulded it around my torso and tied it tight with bandages - the idea being that it would mould to my shape as it dried. And I do actually have photos of that process somewhere ......  When it dried (many hours later) it was snipped to reveal a corsetty type of shape and I put holes up the back and tied it with leather thonging. The corset was also tanned.

The rest of the ensemble is dyed cheesecloth made into extreme harem pants (!!!!) with a matching wrap. Plus note the little leather anklets and wristlets.

Photographed in my backyard - my Dad was a plumber so we had an interesting back yard of just about everything .... not sure what the look was that I was actually after - experimental? viking? hippie? Probably a combination! Enjoy laughing at with me!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Summer Holidays

McCalls 5671
Perfect Knit Wardrobe
Fabric - I think a rayon / lycra blend from Sckafs, Indooroopilly.

Just returned from a lovely Summer Holiday  - even though most of Queensland is currently experiencing devastating floods - the coastal surfing town of Coolangatta was warm and sunny for 3 days, then overcast for the rest of the week - still - a great getaway - the waves were amazing - not that I surf, but the "sets" at Rainbow Bay were just awesome to watch.

The above dress is lovely to wear - the fabric is divine. I cut a 14 at the hips at 12 for the bodice - I had to lower the shoulder seam by about 2 inches - may have been too much - but a good summer dress in the end.

 These little fellas were everywhere .....

And here is New Look 6870 - I've made this before - it is actually a top pattern - but I wanted an easy lightweight cool dress for the holiday, so I just lengthened this pattern - it's nothing particularly fabulous, but good for strolling around the coastline. Fabric from stash - lightweight cotton.

 New Look 6870 was given  a real work out with a couple of little dresses for my 13 year old. She declined to model for me, so here they are on the "lovely lady" .... recognise this fabric? - ummm - just hate to have too much leftover fabric ....

 Great pattern - quick and easy - and versatile!

Holiday mode is wonderful - though currently experiencing the need to catch up all the nitty gritty housework I tend to avoid when my mind set is in sewing overdrive - so the sewing pace may be a little slower while I clear out the conscience!