Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Guliette Silk Scarf

Last weekend I did a Textile Art Workshop at Zig Zag Sewing at Georgetown, Newcastle, NSW. We made a silk scarf using a kit from The Thread Studio. I made this one for my sister in law, Therese's Birthday. In the workshop I used free motion embroidery to stitch the fibres together, but for this scarf I decided to try using the Teflon foot for my Bernina and used one of the programmed decorative stitches.

The kit comes with everything you need; the gorgeous dyed silk fibres, the rayon variegated thread and the Guliette soluble film - like plastic. You begin by laying out the Guliette Film flat then arranging the fibres along the "plastic" then cover the fibres with the "plastic" and pin the edges together to make a silk sandwich.

Then start stitching the sandwich together. As I said earlier, this can be done by free motion embroidery (that is, drop your feed dogs and use the darning foot and go for it) or for this one I used the Teflon foot and kept the feed dogs up and used a pre set decorative stitch.

You need to do lots of repetitive stiching to ensure that you "capture" the fibres - so go in both the warp and weft directions (left & right AND up and down!). Here is the scarf - stitching finished:
Now, to wash off the Guliette...... rinse in lots of cold water - if possible soak in a bucket of cold water for 10 hours.

Now, hang out to dry .......

Voila! Happy Birthday Therese!

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  1. wow gay!!!! thanks heaps for the lovely scarf your talents always amaze me (i who can fit all my sewing stuff in a takeaway food plastic box)say thank you not just for the scarf but for all the time and care you devoted to it i will wear it with i may need to hit the shops for a whole new outfit to do it justice thanks and love ya heapsXXXX or i could become a student one day at your studio by the sea!!


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