Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sling Bag with Measles

I had to use this spotty fabric

So I spotted it randomly onto some brushed canvas moleskin type brown fabric ... which I had cut out for a Sling Bag from Nicole M Designs.
I set the Bernina to a number 84 for the applique stitch - I'm over blanket stitch ....
And off I went ...
I used the Edge Stitching Foot (which can also be used for Blind Hemming) to give me an accurate guide for topstitching the straps .... sorry about the photo - but hopefully you can see the metal guide running through the middle of the foot - by adjusting your needle position, you can run the guide along the edge of your fabric - too easy!
Here is the lining - a white print on off white background - quite like it for lining ...there is a zippered pocket inside and a magnetic catch ...
With some bright pink buttons on top .... here she is ....
The Sling Bag has a very cool shape - the base had template plastic to keep it firm, but I like how the straps form seamlessly into the body of the bag - fluidity is the word I'm looking for.....


  1. It's fantastic. Well done. I love a sling bag.

  2. I think I need to upgrade my Berninas... you've got some funky stitch options there!

    Love the spots.


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