Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Trio of Teardrops

Here are three Teardrop Purses ....
This is the fabric for the first one I made ...

Please excuse my lack of words throughout this post ..... blogger has changed the way of inserting images ... and I don't like it .... anyone else having the same problems? Anyway, this a lovely cute purse. The beads were rather time consuming ... for the next two purses I made I used invisible thread as I didn't like the way you could see the coloured thread on the inside of the frame. Beading needles weren't successful either - hard to thread and not very strong - I resorted to a normal needle which accommodated every 6th bead! Not your average handmade bag - go on .... give it a go ...... while I try to figure out blogger .......


  1. So lovely! I especially love the Kaffe one.

  2. They look fantastic . Do you have a favourite?

  3. Very sweet purses - I especially love the beading detail.

  4. These are absolutely adorable! I would love to know how to make a framed purse!

    Barbara Travis
    Owner/Sr.Designer Travis Treasure Box


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