Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bordered Boho

Here is the 3/4 elasticised sleeve version of the Boho style top from my previous post.
Fabric from Spotlight - total cost about $15. Pattern is New Look 6730. I cut a size 14.
This style isn't particularly flattering to me - but it's cool and easy.
I'm teaching some Learn to Sew Classes for children in the next holidays. This little top is one of the classes I am offering. Click here for more info.


  1. Love the top. I've been looking for border print like this for my 'bedouin tents'. Is this current Spotlight stock?

  2. Your shirt looks beautiful...the fabric print is gorgeous!

  3. OH! That fabric is a fantastic find and perfect for this style of shirt.

  4. It is wonderful. I love the borders around the bottom and the cuff of the sleeve. Gorgeous. Gorgeous I tell you!!!

  5. I thik this fabric is very flattering....
    Looks great !

  6. I think the top is cute, and looks lovely on you. Maybe I will search out that pattern...easy..craft camp coming up...hmmm

  7. Lovely fabric and perfect pattern for it. It looks so great on you, comfortable & airy.


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