Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vest with Shrinking Sheet

Some time ago I posted about a bag I made (The City Bag) with a shrinking fabric called "Texture Magic". This stuff is really intriguing and quite a good way to incorporate texture into your sewing. This time around I made a vest using Shrink Sheet - a similar product to Texture Magic - basically, it shrinks 30% in all directions when activated by steam. Firstly you have to stitch the Shrink Sheet to your fabric, shrink it and then sew with it.

I used Monica Poole's Spring Vest Pattern, and made the Puffa Vest (Style C). The pattern was specifically designed to be used with Shrink Sheet - so she had already worked out the extra fabric required.
So, here is my fabric - a cream dotted voile - I stitched a Serpentine pattern down every 2nd row - the Shrink Sheet is underneath ...
Then, here is the iron hovering above the shrink sheet - the steam starts the magic right before your eyes . ...
Here is a section that has just been steamed ...
And here is the right side of the fabric - puffa puffa!

Here is one complete section ....
And here is the finished vest - I lined it with some Spotty Voile (Spotlight) ... The actual shrink sheet has a soft handle - like polyester lining before it is shrunk - after shrinking the handle becomes firmer and quite plastic y ....
I cut a size 16 - but could have done a 14 - the armholes are quite generous - I guess allowing for winter clothes underneath ...
Don't know if I'll wear it - but it would be good on cold windy days. The pattern was great to work with - good clear explanations. I really just made it out of curiosity - I love the texture - but it's a shame the product becomes so firm - might be best to keep it for bags.
Edited to add: Monica tells me that the Golfing Ladies love the puffa vest as it keeps the wind out on cold mornings .... definitely!!


  1. That's a great fabric effect! I wonder if it would work for heavier fabrics e.g. wool? I also really like your Jalie tops from the last post! I mean to try their patterns, but the postage... Looking forward to seeing your Jalie jeans!

  2. Wow. What a cool thing! Great effect. I'd love to try it on a bag!

  3. Awesome effect... ideas started running through my head for multiple projects using the shrink sheet, but you mentioned that it becomes very stiff. So, I'll have to narrow my ideas down to doing a bag.

  4. Love the texture on this! Cool idea.

  5. Thanks for the review and insight into the shrinking sheet. I have seen the product at Quilt shows and it was interesting to see how you used it in clothing.Love the effect it gives.

  6. Great feel and texture and made even more accessible with the cool pics.


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