Monday, August 30, 2010

Bag O' Ties and Skirt Bag

More refashioning for my workshop at the Living Smart Festival - Sept 12.

Take 16 men's ties - unpick the the centre back seam - follow this pattern and voila!

After plaiting the straps there really wasn't much of the ties left!
Don't forget to use the labels as a feature ....

Take one out grown pretty skirt ....

add some linen from brown pants that had been discarded ....
add a few more rows of embellishment to bring the 2 new bits together .....

Add a boxed corner (see Nicole's Patterns for boxed corner info) put some Peltex in the base to hold a nice shape ...
add a magnetic catch ..... and a Yo Yo ....
And voila! Can't tell you how much I love that word ..... VOILA!!


  1. Love the bag from men's ties. My daughter made herself a great skirt from men's ties that she doesn't wear now. Perhaps we should turn it into a bag?

  2. How brilliant! I have a bag of my dad's old ties that I've been sitting wondering how to use. Now I know!

  3. That top bag totally reminds me of the tie skirt that the main character on the tv show Blossom wore during the opening credits. I was quite obsessed with it, but could never convince my mom to make one for me. Le sigh. I love the ties turned into a bag - very cute!


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