Monday, October 4, 2010

Fabric Finds from Melbourne and Feelin' Hot Hot Hot?

I'm in two minds as to whether or not blog about the small amount of fabric I purchased in Melbourne - because of course now it is on public record and I am now fully accountable to actually do as I plan - phew! Can I cope with such responsibility....? We shall see.... First up, from Frou Frou in Glen Waverley... this mid to heavy weight cotton based (not sure how to describe the fabric - it's not a drill - but it has a definite weave dominance...?) with some spandex - check the underside - very interesting ...
And I'm thinking this old skirt pattern might be good  (look - it cost $2.90!!! Very old!) - the picture on the left ..
For my daughter, this lovely soft as soft sateen ....
for this Burda adaptation of their Sidonie Skirt ......"Marina's High Waist Floral Skirt"....
Now, this is my favourite ........
Another sateen- decent weight - not flimsy ....
and I'm thinking this Vogue 1114 - just reading the reviews and there are some interesting comments - but all the made up dresses look great - encouraging!!!

 Lastly from Frou Frou, I bought some black mesh - 2 weights - for some Marcy Tilton Tops, and some Fold Over Elastic - hard to find anywhere else - I've just been discussing this with kbenco - so if anyone else knows who supplies this - it would be nice to know.

Now, how exciting is this black linen photo??? From Rathdowne Remnants - for some simple elastic waist throw on pants for summer ....
Another one for my daughter - a floral cotton for one of those simple little gathered skirts with black elastic at the waist - I'll add a black rib casing for the ultra thick elastic .....

So... not too bad? Hopefully I'll be able to report back with finished products .....

Speaking of exciting photos ..... Feelin' Hot Hot Hot? Yes, especially when removing things from my oven .... time to make amends ...

Even my son sauntered in and had a go ...
Ikea fabric - much better!


  1. I love the black and white sateen with the large print - the Vogue dress would be absolutely gorgeous in it!

  2. Great fabrics and you did very well on your trip. Those are very stylish pot holders.

    Do you get to Sydney, Pitt Trading stocks a lot of FOE and if you send me samples I can try and source at a local shop at Burwood that has a great range as well.

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  4. Thanks Sharon - occasional visits to Sydney - thanks for the advice. I'd better get through some of that current stuff before I get more - but thanks for the offer - good to know!

  5. I am totally smitten by the grey and white sateen fabric and I would love some of the bright floral too.

  6. Gorgeous haul of fabric and cute cooking mitts.

  7. Definitely make the vogue dress first. Very nice!

  8. I'm liking the fabrics and patterns you have shown. All the florals are so pretty! The oven mitts turned out cool too. Love the trim you decided on. Fold over elastic can also be found at The Fabric Fairy online. I'm not sure if they have subdued colors, since a great deal of its products are geared for kids, but worth a check. I've always had great service when ordering from them.

  9. Oh man, I'm all drooly over these! Especially the bright florals - so pretty! Your daughter is a lucky lady. :)

  10. You found some great florals! And your cooking mits are adorable and inspiring. Mine are getting pretty grotty...

  11. Your new oven mitts look very stylish - love that IKEA fabric. Your black linen looks lovely too - looks like a fun holiday to Melbourne. nothing beats fabric shopping while on holiday.

  12. Some great finds. I love Frou Frou. It's 5 minutes from my house (big trouble!) and I'm always enjoying the beautiful fabrics that Sandra brings in.

  13. Your fabric finds are gorgeous, and you have some great things planned, look forward to seeing how they turn out! I especially love your favourite, the black and white large-scaled floral.... hmmm, beautiful! And the different trims on the oven mitts looks real cute!

  14. Nice fabrics, they make me want to go shopping! Its funny I saw someone just this morning wearing the original Michael Kors dress and really wanted to get a good look at it, but didn't want to look like a scary weirdo! I've made this one and recommend giving it a go, the seaming is really nice.


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