Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summer Fresh

Whilst traveling north recently we stopped at Murwillumbah where Shaun had spent a great deal of time as a child visiting relatives. His cousin's wife is a keen sewist and so suggested a fabric shop to me ... in a rather impressive building that once served other purposes I found this little gem .....
I purchased a shirred fabric panel - for a skirt - I am totally amazed at how these pieces of fabric are manufactured - there is a shirred section for the waist - or it could be at the bust if you wanted a little dress, then there are sections of (I'm guessing) jacquard woven detail, then plain white, then some more woven detail - that has a "tension" to it - not shirred but some tighter woven rows .... the piece I purchased had the shirred section mistakedly already cut off so they sold it to me for half price - so I just overlocked it back on.

One centre back seam - hem the bottom and finish the top edge and all done!!
I also made a top from a lovely light cotton double gauze, Martin & Savage fabric using Simplicity 2365 (View B).
I made a straight 12, and the only "issue" was instead of 5 buttons I only did 3 - the buttons aren't functional as the top slips over your head - but 5 would have been too high and probably not able to be easily slipped over my head. I really like this pattern - the little madarine style collar and the sleeve cuffs and the pintucks ... will make this one up again. The skirt's fullness is limited towards the hem by the tighter tension I mentioned previously - so you can't take giant big strides - which is OK - must remember "lady like steps" in this one!


  1. you are so clever Gay! you look gorgeous. What a funny town is Murwulimbah hey? Love Zelly

  2. Thanks Zelly! I love M'bah - apparently one of the top ten most desirable places to live in Australia - and they have a huge flood levy wall thing around the river - so that's even better!! And I hear they have a top notch health food store as well!!!

  3. the skirt fabric is amazing. I also like the blouse - another pattern to my endless list. Versions of the orange waisted blouse in khaki are everywhere in Sydney stores.


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