Monday, March 28, 2011

Sporty Spice

Well, I wish! I do enjoy participating in a quite a few exercise based activities - Zumba, tap dancing, Pilates ....and I never feel that great in the gym wear available commercially, so I was super keen to try the Jalie pattern that quite a few of you have already made. Fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics - and this stuff is JUST FANTASTIC! It's super super soft and drapes like anything - it's light and stretchy and I love it!!

This is an excellent pattern I have only made Jalie twice before - but I am super impressed with the sizing - it fits as it should!! It was really really quick to sew up.

I extended the leg length.

They have a contrast waist and and side panels which feature a little pocket for keys / MP3 etc.

Now, this bicycle is an electric bike - we've been trialling it from Sydney Electric Bikes.They are heaps of fun to ride, then recharge, and ride again - you do have to pedal -and then the motor kicks in ... cheating? Well, better than sitting in a car I say!


  1. How cool. Does it take over on the hills?

  2. I'd love of these bikes, but Sydney traffic is not bike friendly. I'm as guilty as the next driver of impatience! Love your gym gear.

  3. The bike sounds neat! I don't bike much, the roads in London, and most of England for that matter are narrow and very busy, I just don't have the nerve to share the road with all those cars.

    Your workout gear looks great. Workout clothes are something I would never think to make, but I can see how having a great fit would be more comfortable and be very important when you are active.

  4. Love the workout gear and just got the pattern. Your DM and mine caught up last week, daughters and blogs :)

  5. This is such a great workout skirt. Yours turned out really cute. An electric bike sounds fascinating!

  6. How fabulous do you look in that outfit?! So adorable!


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