Monday, October 17, 2011

Sally and Smith and the Crocadile Dundee Needle

I'm often on the look out for projects suitable for Beginners - something that is easy, uses minimal fabric and other bits and has high impact ........ Introducing Sally and Smith from Jodie's new range of Beginner Sewing Patterns.

I really enjoyed sewing these little guys - it's not often your sewing project actually comes to life - with those teeny weeny button eyes and that coy smile - how can you resist? They are a beautiful shape to hold, and Smith's little legs can be moved to various poses. If you're not familiar with Jodie Ric Rac - you'd be in the minority - she's a Celebrity of the Softie world - and I must boast that I met her in real life earlier this year.

I've never used a Doll Needle before - and man! You call that a needle????
Sorry if these 2 photos cause distress - it is only polyester filling inside after all .. and she can't squeal with pain cause she hasn't got her mouth yet!
Great little pattern with super easy step by step clear sensible instructions!

I'll be cutting out some more of these and sewing them LIVE - this Friday Night (21st Oct) at Blacksmiths Primary School's first ever Night Market - I'd love to see you there! I'll also have some Ric Rac patterns available for sale.

And I just noticed that I have 101 Followers!!! WOW! Nice to meet you all .......


  1. they look great ! I especially love that Smith fabric .
    I always do the mouths last as well.

  2. They are cute and good luck for Friday night.


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