Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Across the Ditch with Style Arc's Kerry Cargo Pant

Happy New Year to you all!!!  I've just returned from a wonderful holiday in New Zealand ...... the mass of water between Australia and New Zealand is affectionately known as "the ditch" - a 3 hour flight from Sydney to Christchurch.

I can't speak highly enough about New Zealand as a holiday destination - we had a fabulous time - the scenery is spectacular, the towns aren't overcrowded (well, apart from Queenstown - which was dubbed "Surfers Paradise on Steriods" - but still a great place - take the Gondola to the restaurant for an evening meal - amazing!!!)

I'll try to resist the urge to fill this post with our happy snaps (I think we took over 600 photos!!!) ..... so I'll move on now to Style Arc's Kerry Cargo Pant Pattern that I made up just before leaving.
I made them in a fairly heavy black linen. I wore them to death on holidays - they were perfect for travelling where the weather was sometimes quite cool and other times very warm - simply fold up the cuff into the 3/4 buttoned position. Style Arc instructions aren't written like other pattern companies, they are an order of construction. Since these have a drawstring at the waist - they are very easy to make. The addition of the pleated pockets give them a ready to wear look.  I made a size twelve - and they fitted well.  I made them about 15cm shorter than the pattern, simply because I didn't have enough fabric - but they were still about the 7/8 length on me - fine for summer.

Wanaka - the Cinema Paradiso - where the chairs in the theatre are an eclectic mix of old lounges, a topless VW beetle, airline chairs .... a great atmosphere - shame about the movie "Midnight in Paris" a waste of money and time!!

Teamed with my own screen printed T Shirt!
 Of course, I had my radar tuned to fabric shops along the way - there weren't many ... but this one is Queenstown had a  lovely selection. I bought some red and black prints, and while we were there, the cafe owner from next door bought in the leftover cakes for the fabric shop owner to give to his chooks - but he gave 4 cream filled doughnuts to me!! I must say, while it was a lovely gesture - they were really the biggest dollop of fat and sugar I'd tried to consume for some time - even the kids couldn't eat them  .... shame the chooks missed out!!!

How cool are these chairs? From Seletti Boutique in Queenstown.

Fabric Vision in Papanui, Christchurch - a lovely, lovely, lovely shop in a town that needs all the loveliness it can find - great staff - had a fab chat to one of the ladies working there. Bought a couple of pieces there too.

 And now a couple of touristy shots ......
The "Haka" show on the restaurant at the top of the Gondola Ride in Queenstown - so interesting and fun!!

Lake Tekapo - the prettiest place I think I've ever been to - the bluest lake, the loveliest flowers (lupins) everywhere - great hiking walk up Mount John - loved it!!  

Horse Riding at Hanmer Springs

Back down to earth now .... wishing you all a fabulous  .....Twenty Twelve!


  1. Welcome back, and into 2012. The cargo pants look brilliant - think you will still get heaps of wear out of them back on Aussie soil...

  2. Sounds like a wonderful holiday destination. Love the cargo pants, they look real comfy.

  3. Thanks so much for your report on NZ! It sounds fabulous!!

    The Kerry cargo pants have been on my todo list for some time. I love hearing that yours were a slam dunk. I need to make these for spring!

    Happy 2012!!

  4. NZ sounds wonderful! And your cargo trousers are cute, too!

  5. Great pants and your holiday looked very relaxing.

  6. Your cargos look perfect for your trip and will be right at home here in Oz. New Zealand is a great place.

  7. Love your SA cargo's! The vacation scenery is breathtaking!
    I just found your blog through Waikikimum (Kathy). I recently bought several Style Arcs because of all the reviews. I hope to make them soon!


  8. Thanks for sharing... Great pics and the mountains looks serenely beautiful. Cargo pants make the perfect essential for vacation and like how you paired it with your screen printed t-shirt.

  9. I'm glad you had a fab time in the South Island - that's my home country!
    Your cargo pants in linen look great!

  10. I love Fabric Vision too. It is my regular fabric haunt since the earthquake last February took care of most of the cities fabric shops.

    I am glad you had a lovely time in the South Island. When you live here you really don't appreciate what is at your doorstep.


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