Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Shower

A baby shower .... it's a funny term isn't it .... anyway, there's a new McDonell baby imminent (and it's NOT mine) .... and every new Mum and Dad need a big bag for all that stuff ....
Here is the Beach Bag made into a Nappy Bag ..... featuring Saffron Craig's Parrot Fabric - a gorgeously detailed and pretty print ..... Three big compartment pockets - two on the outside and one in the lining, a zippered gusset closure ..... this is a fabulous bag pattern. Also has 6 cute purse feet on the bottom.

And .... another Dick and Jane Folding Travel Change Mat, pattern from the Clever Miss Nicole Mallalieu.
And the gifts were gratefully received ...... now to just wait and wait and ...........
And I have 4 Beach Bag Patterns left in stock - contact me if you'd like one for the SPECIAL price of $15 AUD and free postage in Australia.


  1. Great present for a Baby Shower and hopefully news will arrive soon.

  2. A big bag is definitely a useful present. I remember all the stuff I had to cart around at all times. Just leaving the house was a mission!
    The bag and changing mat are both adorable.


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