Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Barrel Purse, City Bag and Pattern Making

 Framed purses are so lovely to make. They always look great. This one is tricky, but totally worth it. I made this Barrel Purse for my sister's birthday recently.
 And here is the City Bag by one of my talented students. He adapted the pattern a little, he omitted the zipper, but most amazingly .... he MADE THE BLACK BUCKLE .....
 It's wooden and black and shiny and smooth ....... not sure I like being upstaged!!!!!
 And at TAFE recently we've done quite a bit of skirt patternmaking. This one was drafted to my measurements - very simple tailored straight skirt - great fabric I've had for ages - a stretch canvas from Spotlight I think. The top was also drafted at TAFE. It has an overlay front tie, a few gathers at centre front and shoulder. Jersey Fabric from StandardKnit - purchased on the PR Shopping Day out.


  1. The barrel bag is charming! Now I want to try a framed purse!

    You do have some clever students.

  2. The barrel bag is *so* cute! And that handmade buckle... WOW.

  3. That buckle is pretty damn impresive, but I must say, I can see you've taken to this patternmaking lark like a born natural!! LOVE YA WORK! (And I think the barrel purse is one of my faves).

  4. Cute purse and a great gift idea. I love your drafting design - Will we be seeing Handmade patterns anytime soon?


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