Thursday, January 3, 2013

The final bits of 2012 .....

 Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years .... Here are a couple of things that rounded off 2012 at Handmade Sewing Studio ....

One of my students, Alison, made a trio of gifts .... super cute boxer shorts and she also appliquéd a matching motif on some purchased tank tops - I'm sure they were gratefully received.

There were some new babies popping up around here, well not right here, but in the general vicinity .... and they required some of these ...... embroidery done at work on the Janome embroidery machine ....

And finally, I made this dress for the Christmas festivities, I've had this fabric for quite a while..... it was an odd sized piece, and it took quite some playing around to get that large motif in the right place - self drafted pattern, elastic casing for the waist - really easy.

So, are you all busily sewing .... or ..... daydreaming like I am? Hope to get back into it all soon! Happy 2013!


  1. Love your dress. Looks cool and comfy.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Your summer maxi dress is fabulous! And yes both daydreaming and sewing.

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  4. Hi there - I have nominated you for a { LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD }. You can check out the details here { } but please dont feel any pressure to pay it forward! It really is just me saying hi & letting you know how much I enjoy your blog & inspiration. Take care, Angelique

  5. ¡¡Hi!! I like your blog, your things so very beautiful!My name is Maria, i am from Spain, you a welcome:
    un saludo!
    p.s. sorry,my english is bad:))))


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