Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Texstyle 08 - Liquid Radiance Fabric Colours

Day Two of the Texstyle 08 Teacher's Forum

Today I did a workshop with Ann Mitchell from Genesis Creations. Ann is from Toowoomba and she sells colours for fabric that are really really easy to use with minimal waste and maximum results. The best bit about them is that they can be used on ANY fabric - they are not dyes they are finely milled acrylics. Ann and her daughter, Margaret, organised a mega jam packed morning of fantastic colouration fun. We started with a goody bag and the tables all set up for colouring ….

Ann’s samples adorned the room …. These are "marbled flowers". You actually put marbles in the centres of the flowers ......

...... ahh the Psychedelic Tshirt ..... very Woodstock...

Can you see the tiny socks and singlets?

Most techniques started with wetting the fabric and squeezing out excess moisture. We worked on a piece of cardboard covered in black plastic – so you don’t need huge pots and sinks – unless you’re planning to do large pieces which can be done in plastic tubs – the key is to use minimal amounts – it is not an immersion method.

We then had a go at a range of techniques and laid all of our work out to “dry” – would be better done in sunlight – but we managed …. here is the marbling technique again ...

adding salt and sugar(!) gives an interesting effect ....
The range of possibilities is endless - and we only really had time to dabble in a few ..

We were all very appreciative of Ann’s efforts to present a really inspiring session – we could all see classroom potential for her products. Once dried the samples just needed an iron to heat set. Simple, safe and fun!


  1. where can i find theres products???

  2. Click on the LINK - Genesis Creations - or Google them.


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