Monday, December 8, 2008

TEXSTYLE 08 - Machine Feet

Last weekend A, A & I travelled to Sydney for the TEXSTYLE 08 Exhibition and Teacher's Seminars as organised by the TEA (NSW). It was a great weekend of gathering information and ideas and meeting fellow teachers of the Textiles persuasion. Texstyle is an exhibition of NSW Higher School Certificate Textile and Design major projects. The exhibition was amazing - congratulations to all of the students who completed their projects - if you get the chance you should have a look at the creativity and skills of these students - well done to the teachers as well!

The first seminar of the day for me was Thea ("I have a foot for you") from Bernina showing us a million and one things to do with the variety of machine feet (well maybe not a million - but WOW she gave us some great ideas!). And - what timing ...... I just noticed that Bernina currently have 20% off Bernina Feet and Accessories as a Christmas Special ..... Thea had some really lovely product samples for us to drool over .....

Hmmm looks like a Prints Charming to me .... you can sew great circles using the Circular Embroidery Attachment which fits all Berninas ....

This cute cushion was embellished using #43 - Free Motion Couching Foot ....

This bag features Bobbin work where the decorative thread is manually wound onto the bobbin and then you sew on the Wrong side and the good stuff comes out on the Right Side ....
We also saw some great work from Kirry Toose. This bag was knitted then felted and then beautifully embellished ....

This is a corset, and I'm sorry that the photo does not do this piece of art any justice, that has been made by Ruth Osborn, lots of freehand embroidery using soluble stabilisers. The detail is exquisite.

Next is the Bra Bag, two bra cups sewn together and embellished ... what will they think of next?
These jeans are snazzy - undo the inside seam and stitch to your heart's content ...

More Flutterbys

This is a piece of patchwork made from sewing circles onto squares and by using two contrasting fabrics the effect is ... EFFECTIVE.

This is a nearly completed bag using the same technique - I am intrigued!

Well, lots of great ideas, and a good reminder to get out all those feet and have a play to see what they can do ........a great day all in all ....... and then the bad part ....... three intelligent, law abiding citizens were a tad confused by this overcrowded and poorly designed sign..... ouch! $135 fine.

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  1. Hmmmm... parking signs are deliberately confusing, I think.

    I'm intrigued by those circle-square things.... Can't quite work out how they work.


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