Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Two

.. and sew it seams that Mr Elephant has been rescued from an unfortunate accident ..

You may (or may not) recall that my laziness in transferring applique designs resulted in mixed success at the deskjet printer. Well, Mr Elephant wasn't all that successful ... but he did actually print .... anyway, with some textile micro surgery he has been mended to a full recovery .....

I used the in built "honey comb" type stitch to do some multiple rows around his shape, a cute button eye and the ever so bobbily pom pom braid to top it off.

The back has an invisible zip - I would have shown a photo, but you wouldn't have seen the zip anyway .... (oh dear)

And next on the catwalk today we have a rather demure Japanese Motif centred on this black cushion.
The cushion edges were bound as one would a quilt, with only two sides featuring the hint of some more Japanese fabric ....

And that might be it for cushions for a while .....


  1. Oh I love it when you need to be creative to get around a "problem". That is when you are truly a designer.

  2. I like that elephant - and your blog; I admire that all-around craftiness using one's own designs and different mediums. Your blog can teach me quite a few things about the latter, so I'm sure to drop by regularly.
    By the way thank you for the nice comment on my bag... Now I'll really have to keep it ;-)


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