Monday, January 19, 2009

Two More Cushions

and sew it seams that cushion making knows no bounds .....
Here is my ruffled cushion - I saw the idea in a mag which stated the cushion cost $77(AUS) so I'm thinking this may be lucrative ...(ha!). Anyway the fabric is just delicious - it is Anna Maria Horner - Green Tablecloth - if you really want to know the range I could find out, but not right now... the selvedge is not within reach at this second ....

I used the Ruffler attachment which I thought was fun, but then I thought that I vaguely remember that overlockers can do the same thing .... hmm ... will have to investigate that...

Just by the way, I used a Clover Chalk marker to mark the sewing lines for each ruffle, and, as you do, I press everything at every step of the way, and the pink lines didn't come out easily - I had to wash them out - just a little warning - some of those fabric markers become heat set by the iron ..

Introducing the letter 'g' ....

I used my inkjet printer to directly the design onto the fabric - which, as I previously mentioned, sometimes works and sometimes doesn't - I'm fine tuning that .... anyway, I used some batting strips on the flange edge of the cushion to give it some soft body - I tried spray adhesive to keep it in place while I turned it through, but that didn't stick, so I tried some "No More Pins" that I had in the cupboard for eons and had never used... and it worked!
I used the walking foot to sew multiple lines around the border, and I didn't give it a buttoned back - opting instead for the generous overlap method. Just by the way, I use Goldies Cushion Inserts, they are definitely b-b-b-bouncier and keep their shape really well, unlike the ones from large chain variety stores that virtually flatten with the first bottom placement! You can order on line from them, and they are very nice people too!!!

I have a feeling that there may be more cushions on the horizon ....


  1. I'm LOVING these cushions, Gay.... right down to the print self-cover buttons. VERY inspiring for your students, I'm sure... but I want them on my couch!!

    Love the slam-pressed ruffles, too.

  2. The ruffle cushion is fantastic! Nice work.

  3. Hi and thank you for looking at my blog and leaving a lovely comment...I had to have a look at your blog and its been Wow! and are a real lover of bright fabrics and what you have done is just fabulous. :)


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