Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've Topped a Trench

I made a Trench Topper. Here's the pattern from Indygo Junction.

I made it in denim and I used some Anna Maria Horner "Drawing Room" as a contrast - the fabric is a Home Decor weight - can't wait to try it in some bags. Here are the corded buttonholes I did.

Ever used a thing to cut open your buttonholes? Here's mine - a little tap tap and voila!

Not sure how old these buttons are .... but I'll leave the discussion about my local haby / wool / ladies "fashion" / lingerie shop for another day .... needless to say, their buttons are vintage ....

I made a Medium size.

Miss Maggie just HAD to nuzzle in on the act ...

I added the contrast to the cuffs as well as the front facing ..

This is a great pattern. I was very pleased with how well everything went together. There are 3 main variations with lots of interchangeable possibilities. I added a facing for the bottom section of contrast - so that the weight was equivalent with the denim. It's lime green cotton drill ...
Ok, so now should a trench get in my way .... I'll be ready to TOP it!


  1. Love it, Gay! Especially the contrast detail.

    You know, I went out and bought (and made) that New Look top you made a few weeks ago...but this trenchcoat looks like it'll take more than my usual half-hour maximum for clothes making. I'll just have to sit back and admire. No single-white-female stuff going on here.

  2. I love your trench coat - the denim and the wonderful contrasing fabric. All your details are so perfect - love those butto holes!

  3. Wow, I'm so impressed with your corded buttonhole. This is a great trench coat.

  4. wow that looks great! perfect for our current weather and much brighter and nice than anything you'd find in the shops right now!


  5. The corded buttonholes look really professional, but your buttonhole tool looks very dangerous!


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