Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Bevy of Boxers

Boxers in a minute ....
But now, it's been a busy time with birthdays lately .... here is a great big 28 inch square cushion I made for my nephew ....
I've been using BIGHUGELABS to do tricky things with photos before transferring them onto fabric .... it's just the best.... and free!

And now another big huge cushion featuring big huge labs .. this one for my baby who turned 15 today!....... some of the images were printed straight onto treated inkjet fabric, and some I used Transfer Artist's Paper - an iron on product .... it gives you the freedom to transfer your designs onto lots of different materials - even glass apparently! As always, I use Goldies Cushion inserts ..... bound to be b b b bouncier!
Can you spot Mr Hugh Jackman? .... he was shooting a film at our beach and was happy to have his photo taken ....
I used bleached denim on the back .....
I think my baby likes it! The one glove is another present - a golf glove!
And now for the boxers .... what else can a sewist make for a 15 year old boy ... that is, something that he may actually wear ???

Love the fabric on the right - Alexander Henry Regent Skulls - I didn't quite have enough for 2 legs - so I cut and pasted (appliqued) some bits onto a piece of homespun .... did the trick!

That should get him through the year ....


  1. You've been a gift-factory! Love those boxers - great idea.

  2. Your photo cushions are terrific Gay - what a great idea for teenage boys! I have a 15 yr old son too - thanks for the boxer idea - that would be the perfect item to add to the Christmas stocking.

  3. I loved your your site, there were a few dresses i liked. I'd love to have them made, can you give me a price. Im new to this site, Georgina mention it, and im very pleased she did, you have wonderful ideas, best wishes Jan..

  4. Dear Anonymous - thanks for your comment - sorry I don't sell clothing - I teach people how to sew it for themselves. Would you like to learn?


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