Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brisbane and New Look 6704

... and sew it seams that time gets away, and my blogging has been neglected ... too much to do ... starting with a quick trip to Brisbane, and my mission was to purchase fabric ..... found this in Michelton - Funky Fabrix indeed .....

.. and this is what I got .... I'm thinking ...... bags? Too obvious? Oh well ......

I also went to Indooroopilly - to a fab shop SCKAFS .... it's quite unusual to find a very well stocked and busy fabric shop in the middle of large shopping centre - but there it was .... I purchased quite a few dress lengths of this and that - photos of which will hopefully appear in due course ..... one of my finds was a lovely knit - creamy background - cool sketch like flowers in colours reminiscent of books from my childhood .... anyway, my 12 year old sweet pea wrapped it around herself and tied a knot in it and wore it out to dinner that night .... why can't I do that? Sorry about her face - my Photoshop skills are ...... well, I don't have any!
I am wearing a BWF top in a metallic knit from Chic Fabrique - Central Coast, NSW ...
And another fabric shop - I LOVE BRISBANE!!! This one was new apparently, can't remember the name - it is next door to BIOME - which is another great shop full of cleverly designed, recycled type goodies - it is on Adelaide Street .... I got a great digital print with big big flowers for a bias skirt I hope ...

Now, here is New Look 6704, View E in fabric from SCKAFS Brisbane - its a decent weight woven with a touch of Spandex ... there is a faint phrase repeat behind the images "We live in a fashion world" - can't argue with that!

I cut a size 14 and it was very straightforward to sew together - I like it!
... Still in Brisbane, and on my morning walk I was a tad excited to see this poster .....

It was a lovely Sunday - Sunday? Sunday? The exhibition was NOT OPEN ON SUNDAY ..... ? Crazy but true - I just might have to go back!


  1. SOunds like a fun time!

    Love the latest New Look number. I wish those patterns would fit me..... or maybe it's more that I wish I fitted standard sizes!

  2. Is it Gardhams in Brisbane? I love that shop. Beautiful fabrics at the front and magnificent fabrics up the back.


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