Sunday, January 31, 2010

..... a myriad of uses

... and sew it seams that the old plastic bag scrap catcher system isn't working (either that or I'm too lazy to change it before it breaks) ....
At some of the Guild workshops I'd been to, I had seen little mat things under the overlockers with a piece of fabric to act as the bag to catch the scraps ..... thought I'd have a go .... Here is the underneath part -MAGIC GRIPPER .... it has a myriad of uses .. I like that!

So, I cut a length to cover the base plus an overhang, and I cut a piece of fabric for the "bag". At the top of the bag I made a casing and inserted some plastic strapping from cardboard packages, this hopefully allows the bag to stay "open" ready for the scraps.I used a Teflon Foot to sew over the rubbery stuff.
Then I attached some binding strips using the walking foot.
and here they are .... for the one on the left, I cut it a little larger then I put in couple of pleats in the base seam to allow the top to open a little more, the one on the right is a flat piece of fabric - no pleats. Let's hope they work!


  1. Well, they look very pretty, anyway. I hope they work as well.

  2. They look good... I hope they work too.
    How nifty!!!

  3. Hope they are working a treat! They are pretty with the polka dots and very practical. That non slip stuff is great.

  4. Cute bags, I really need to consider a scrap catcher. I end up with fabric scraps on the floor and at some point they stick to my slippers and end up in other parts of the house.

  5. What a super idea. I think I will have to try this.

    Did they work?


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