Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wiksten-made Tulip Skirt

Inspiration! This time from Nikkishell. I was so glad that I had this magazine, time to make a tulip skirt for Sweet Pea.
There are a few pattern corrections to be aware of - go to Wiksten-made.
I had some lovely Cotton Sateen given to me by the lovely Miss Alice - she made a very cute Retro 50s dress from this ..... and there was enough for the tulip ....
It's a very easy pattern to sew - great for beginners - the front tie belt aids to pull it in if the waist isn't exactly snug. Sweet Pea is 12 - I cut a Small - the waist is being pulled in by the ties.
I am tempted to make one for myself, except I have legs like a front row forward - but I'll give it a go, and make it a little longer - though I expect I'll lose the Tulip effect .... we'll see....
Now, would you like to win a $80 voucher for some lighting of your choice from Buyster? Then get thee to my previous post and leave a comment ...... go on ...... now!

Speaking of Tulips, Nikki is making a kiddies Tulip Dress Pattern - and she's having a giveaway - go there and enter ..... after you've entered mine of course .....

Help for Haiti - The Selfish Seamstress has a very funny range of Sewing Products for sale - read her post about how she is helping the people of Haiti. While you're there check out her sewing - she's very talented and super stylish!

And one more ..... there's alot of generosity around - Grosgrain has an interesting piece of jewellery to giveaway - got to be in it win it!


  1. Gay u have done a great job.Lisa at Tessutti also has done a great skirt too.....

  2. Love the skirt and its dress up dress down potential.

  3. That is just lovely and the fabric is beautiful!

  4. 'Tis the season for tulips! Love the skirt.

    I LOVE that selfish seamstress stuff.... speakin' my language (especially the curtain one!).

    THanks for the linkety link!

  5. That is the most adorable skirt. I want to make one.

  6. The skirt is gorgeous and love the varying shades of blue.


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