Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monica Poole and Elaine Lye

I am a member of the Australian Sewing Guild, and while I am usually unable to attend their Neighbourhood Groups, I do like to attend their Industry Days. Yesterday it was at Niagara Park, Central Coast, NSW. Monica Poole from Moonshine Designs was our first speaker. Monica has a fashion industry background, but has worked on Patchwork Patterns and designs - especially Quilt-As-You-Go designs - she is now venturing into fashion patterns. Her work is just lovely! Her output is impressive! She has been using the Texture Magic or Shrinking Sheet products to add texture to some vests ....

It's been a little while since I've done a quilt - and yes I purchased a couple of patterns - sounds like a good autumnal project!
Sandy Curtin was the next speaker - she has an amazing collection of fabric, buttons and bits and pieces for sale - her new shop is in Whittingham near Singleton.
Her hubby sells old farm machinery and she looks after vintage textiles - what a combo!

Elaine Lye was another speaker. She was very cool and had a very interesting story - TAFE teacher and world traveller ..... her work is amazing - she is a textile artist in the true sense of the word! Here is a Shibori jacket, that must have a gazillion different techniques in each little patch - the more you looked, the more you found .......

She was prone to buying tablecloths as she travelled and then made them into jackets and embellished them .....
She doesn't throw anything away - here is a little bag made from fabric strips knitted together.

Here is Elaine ....
And finally, here is one of her great necklaces - I might have to look into doing some classes with her!

Elaine is one of the tutors at the next Guild Convention in Ballarat - the convention has a most impressive line up of classes - i can't go this time, but hopefully one day!


  1. There is some lovely things here.
    I especially love the Tops, the Garden Party ones. They are so feminine and sweet. Sounds like it was a great show to attend.

  2. I love the Texture Magic Vest and some very beatiful things here and very different. I am a Texture Magic Rep in the Washington, USA

  3. Texture Magic is just fantastic!!! your mind can just run wild when you let it with all the possibilities that this product will produce. I am a Texture Magic Rep here in Australia and also sell it on my website. Monica's jackets certainly look good.
    I spoke at the Industry Day at Simplicity last year for the Guild and brought some bags made using Texture Magic.

  4. Love the Texture Magic - looks like amazing stuff! The quilt photos are fabulous - looks like a most inspiring day:)

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