Friday, April 9, 2010

Ruffles and Tulips

I have revisited the Wikstenmade Tulip Skirt ..... this one using a cotton print from Spotlight ... with happy red buttons ....
This is an excellent little skirt pattern, highly suitable for those learning to sew. And here is one in a denim from Tessuti's. I lengthened the skirt about 9cm since I am no longer particularly youthful (according to my birth certificate) .... it's a lovely lovely fabric, and I like this skirt - but I don't love it - best for the young ones .....
The little black blouse is a FREE pattern - JJ Blouse from Burdastyle. This is a super cute little blouse - I enjoyed making this. Fabric from the now closed - Pooh's Place at Belmont NSW - but recently resurrected into BLOCK N ROLL - Yay! we again have a local fabric store!!!! The fabric is a lovely spotted voile - I have more of this stashed away in cream.
OK, now I need some help ... for the denim skirt,
I topstitched the hem and placket using Gutermann's topstitching thread - it is quite thick. I used a topstitching needle - size 90, and I loosened off the upper tension. My little sample piece was good, but the results on the skirt were not good. The stitches on the wrong side had bubbly bits of the top thread throughout ... I'm hoping someone can help me ... should I fiddle with bobbin tension? More decrease on upper tension? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. If it's loose on the underside of the fabric it's because the top thread tension is lower than the bobbin tension so either tighten the tension on the top again until it is balanced or loosen the bobin thread tension until it is balanced.


  2. Thanks Hatty! I'll give it a go!

  3. I'm thinking too that it's tension. For topstitching I use the Guterman upholstery thread: it's a bit less thick (sold here on grey bobbins).

  4. I use normal thread in the bobbin and have no problems either using the Topstitching or Upholostery thread (more colour available) and don't adjust the tension at all.

  5. Yeah, I think I will try the upholstery thread -thanks!

  6. That is a great skirt and it looks good on you.

  7. If I have this problem, I try changing my needle too as denim will blunt your needle.


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