Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Perfect Canvas

Nicki describes this bag as "the perfect canvas for embellishment". And indeed it is.
Sometime ago I played with screen printing some foil adhesive and applying metallic foils. I printed some denim and put it away.
I cut out this bag, and put it away.
Finally, it has been made!
All pieces (except for the strap) were interfaced and pelloned.
Magnetic closure inserted.Template plastic used for a firm bottom.

I used decorative stitch #86 on my Bernina Activa - which has a double or triple hand stitch type of effect - one of my faves!

Plenty of further scope for play with this pattern - and highly suitable for males!


  1. It's just beautiful Gay. Terrific combination of pattern, embellishment, colour and embroidery. I wish that my machine did a stitch like that!

  2. Wow i love it!!!! it's creative,cute and wonderful. Good job

  3. The foil pattern looks amazing! What a great way to design your own fabric. The decorative stitching really pops on the denim.

  4. Saw this on NicoleM flickr stream.

    Very nice!! I love the green stitching and the matching lining. It really is a great bag and looks very well made.



  5. Gay, love metallics on denim and with that stitching it is so original. Hoping i will be able to do some great embellishments with my screen printing

  6. WOW! It looks great GAY! Love the green stitching too.


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