Monday, June 7, 2010

Fit to Burst!

Just returned from a fabulous week with Sue Neall at a FIT workshop following the Palmer Pletsch fitting methods at the Martin & Savage Warehouse in Sydney.
It was an excellent program. I met some great gals for New Zealand, Melbourne, Caboolture, Southern Highlands and even a fellow Novocastrian.

Sue is an excellent teacher - we had lots of fun fitting each other, taping up tissue, adding bits, taking away bits. The result is that I have now cut out heaps of altered patterns ready to sew sew sew..... can't wait!


  1. I have this book but it took a sewing guild meeting lesson to learn how to do it with confidence. Is there a mailing list or contact details because I'd love to do one of these courses.

  2. Sorry Gail - I have now edited to add a link to Sue's website.

  3. Oh to be able to make commercial patterns fit.....

    Looking forward to seeing your future well-fitting creations!

  4. I love this book; it was on my shelf for years: read, but not used. In January I made a resolution to work through it and got as far as the upper body fitting. My daughter was my model and she helped me with my pattern, too. A very worthwhile experience which I posted on my website:


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