Sunday, July 11, 2010

Australian Sewing Guild NSW Industry Day - Kirry Toose

Three posts in one day!! At least I'm consistently inconsistent - anyway - WOW !!!!!!

My mind was blown away by this amazing person yesterday ...
My friend Nic and I went to the Australian Sewing Guild's NSW Industry Day at Simplicity at Revesby, Sydney - (where patterns were available for $5 each) and the lovely Rosemary from Chic Fabrique had lots of yummy fabrics available ...... I also met Sharon in the flesh - and you wouldn't believe it, but we both grew up in the same town and went to the same high school!!

Anyway, Kirry Toose was the main speaker - she is a Textile Artist extraordinaire .... my words and photos will go nowhere to doing her any justice - you just have to see it and listen to her to be fully aware and appreciative of her talents and amazing techniques.

You name it - she does it ...

She had lots of wonderful recycled suits that really inspired me .....
Sew, Kirry is a "local" - she lives at Cowan, NSW. There is an invitation to one of her Show and Tells from the Guild: Tues 10th August, 2010 at Wyong Council Auditorium, 9.30am to 12.30pm Cost $10 - contact Barbara (02) 49905091 if you're interested. You WILL be blown away!!!


  1. I SEW agree about Kerry, her garments are mind blowing and if you ever deciced to do a workshop on that bag please let me know.

    It was lovely meeting you and Nic yesterday and hope you had a good trip home.

  2. WOW she has some pretty amazing pieces. Sounds like it was very inspirational.

  3. You know you will always be my inspiration Gay, but I have to confess that I am detouring slightly as I have just signed up for the Kirry 2 day workshop! Please forgive me - Nic X

  4. Hey Nic - don't be daft - you'll have a ball and you can come back and teach me!!!

  5. the roses are just divine. her work is amazing

  6. What a great exhibit and really like the floral design on the black fabric.


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