Sunday, July 11, 2010

KnitWit Fabrics & Jalie 2682

How many Aussies remember KnitWit Fabric Shops? They were all the craze in the 80's I think when stretch sewing became the flavour of the month .... well, now they are an online store with a retail store only in Perth and I recently purchased some lovely fabrics from them. I made two tops for my sister's birthday (it was a BIG number!!) - I used Jalie 2682 - I have made them previously - great pattern!

The first fabric is AFFINITY BURNOUT - Acrylic / Polyester 150cm wide @$24.95 / m - not cheap by any stretch but excellent quality. It has a lovely Black Grey two tone texture ...

The 2nd one is called Regency Jumperknit - wool / acrylic 120cm wide and $25.95 / m.

I am on the KnitWit email list and they are currently sending out free swatches - so head on over and have a squizz! Happy Birthday G!!


  1. Your tops look marvellous. I actually live in Perth and have been meaning to go to the shop for some time now... thanks for reminding me.

  2. Great tops, I just purchased some more fabric from Knitwit and love the quality.

    It gets more interesting, I had the BIG number birthday this year as well, and DS gave me the weekend away sewing.

  3. Very beautiful tops....I love both the fabrics...the Regency Jumperknit looks so comfortable and thick.

  4. I better order some swatches. I used to shop in their stores.

  5. Lovely tops and love burnout fabric.

  6. Hi I am Christine in the UK. I also remember Knitwits and once met Vera Randall when she came to promote the company in the UK. There are no more stores in the uk now, and the one in Perth doesnt service outside australia. I have just been looking at my stash of Monaco my favourite double knit and really wish I could get some more.


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