Saturday, November 27, 2010

Catching Up

Firstly, thanks very much for all of the lovely comments from my previous post - much appreciated!

Now for a quick round up of happenings from my studio.... 2 simple little skirts for my 13 year old - just like shop bought ones! I used thick black elastic and gathered up a rectangle of fabric to attach to the elastic.

Next, I'd like to show you some of the things that my students have been working on ... I often forget to photograph their stuff - I will try to get more... Here is L's bag. L is a uni student studying to be a Technology teacher - she came to me to upskill herself in Textiles - she worked on a range of decorative techniques to make coin purses and this bag.
She also refashioned a plain black jacket to a sleeveless jacket and put the sleeves on as "tails" with lots of machine embellishment - very clever! She is prac teaching at the moment and is sharing her new skills with her Yr 7 and 8 classes - Good Luck L!
These are S's bags - she is an accomplished bag maker! The one at the back is from Hot Patterns and the others are from a Vogue Pattern - great for using up little bits of fabric. Great work as always S!

And this is Nicole - she made a fantastic denim skirt using an independent pattern - the name of which escapes me at the moment - but I'll find out - or maybe she'll leave a comment to tell us? Anyway, she used strips of a Japanese craft print to highlight the gores in this skirt - and it fits her beautifully!

Great work Nic!
Back to me ... and here are some pants from Butterick 4077

Fabric is a superfine Cashmere - from the Fabric Store (Surry Hills) and the pants have a faced waistband and cargo pockets - no particular fit issues - I cut a 14. The top is the JJ Blouse - free pattern from Burdastyle - this is a great little top! Fabric is a black spotted cotton voile.

I recently did the Pants Fitting Course with Sue Neal - the Palmer Pletsch method. It was a great 4 days at the Martin & Savage premises in Sydney. We tissue fitted, cut and sewed and I will photograph 2 pairs of pants I made soon. Here is one of Sue's samples of a mock fly, pocket stays and pockets.
There are always a couple of naughty kids in every class - and here they are .....
playing dress ups with fabric scraps ....
And here we all are with our certificates and champagne after 4 long hard days!!! Thanks Sue - great course!


  1. Oh you girls look like you had so much fun! Your pants look great. Cashmere must be so soft in slacks. I love Nicole's skirt. The Japanese fabric and denim looks awesome together. I may have to steal that idea! Also, the elastic waist skirts would be so cute on a 13 year old. I particularly admire the second one. I like how crisp the black lines are in that print. You've been busy!

  2. Hi Miss Gay - sorry been away this week! The pattern for my skirt is Polli's Folli and is the panel skirt S001. I got the pattern from the craft show in Newcastle but I cant find a link to a website (I am not even sure if this was the person selling the pattern!)


    PS The pant fit course was awesome but I think in hindsight I dont think I will ask for assistance in the fashion stakes from the girls next time!

  3. Great skirts and you have given me an idea for my DH's 13 y/o niece, just need to find some really funky/arty material LOL.

    Nic that is a gorgeous denim skirt and the japanese fabric is a brilliant idea.

    Very smart trousers, and where do they hide the Cashmere at The Fabric Store?

    It looks like you both had a geat four days pants fitting and with Rhona in your class you definately wouldn't have been lost for laughs.

  4. They are very nice pants. Did you make the blouse too?

  5. You have been busy! I'm very impressed with Nicole's skirt, too... love that piping detail!!!

  6. You've been productive! I love your student's denim skir; using the quilt fabric for contrast is a great idea! And your JJ blouse and pants are very flattering; I like the black/khaki together, and the ruffles are very cute.

  7. Oh those pants look just fantastic on you!

  8. Thanks for the comments! Gail, yes I did make the JJ Blouse - quite a while ago - it's a great pattern - highly recommend it!!

  9. Love your teen skirts - they would be a fun school holidays project.

  10. Everything looks great and looking forward to seeing the pants you made at our next brown owls meeting. The artydog said you had been busy!

  11. Great to see you both on the pictures! Look you still have a lot of fun! I sew a bit more lately and did a nice jacket for my lovely husband's birthday. My mum and I just started to teach my friend how to sew, maybe one day we will have a great studio as Gay! Big kisses!

  12. It's fun to see what everyone made. I do like your cargo pants! The fabric is lush.

    I am heading over to Butterwick to have a closer look and consider whether they would work for me!


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