Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Summer Holidays

McCalls 5671
Perfect Knit Wardrobe
Fabric - I think a rayon / lycra blend from Sckafs, Indooroopilly.

Just returned from a lovely Summer Holiday  - even though most of Queensland is currently experiencing devastating floods - the coastal surfing town of Coolangatta was warm and sunny for 3 days, then overcast for the rest of the week - still - a great getaway - the waves were amazing - not that I surf, but the "sets" at Rainbow Bay were just awesome to watch.

The above dress is lovely to wear - the fabric is divine. I cut a 14 at the hips at 12 for the bodice - I had to lower the shoulder seam by about 2 inches - may have been too much - but a good summer dress in the end.

 These little fellas were everywhere .....

And here is New Look 6870 - I've made this before - it is actually a top pattern - but I wanted an easy lightweight cool dress for the holiday, so I just lengthened this pattern - it's nothing particularly fabulous, but good for strolling around the coastline. Fabric from stash - lightweight cotton.

 New Look 6870 was given  a real work out with a couple of little dresses for my 13 year old. She declined to model for me, so here they are on the "lovely lady" .... recognise this fabric? - ummm - just hate to have too much leftover fabric ....

 Great pattern - quick and easy - and versatile!

Holiday mode is wonderful - though currently experiencing the need to catch up all the nitty gritty housework I tend to avoid when my mind set is in sewing overdrive - so the sewing pace may be a little slower while I clear out the conscience!


  1. Your butterfly dress is fantastic! A great fit, very flattering, and a fun, but grown-up print.

  2. Great dresses and glad you had a good holiday.

  3. I know that housework feeling too. That's why holidays are so great. P.S. The Brown Owls return Tuesday 25th January 7-9pm. Love to see all your followers there.

  4. These dresses are all lovely. Happy to hear you had such a nice holiday. Welcome home!

  5. It sounds like you had a great get-away! All the dresses are adorable. Nice prints and lines. What kind of lizard is that? It is colorful with the stripes. Almost looks like a type of monitor with the way the head/neck is shaped.

  6. Hey Shannon! I'm not 100% sure about the lizard species - but they are around everywhere on the rocks - my best guess after an image search is the Eastern Water Dragon - but I could be wrong!!

  7. Such lovely prints! All the dresses are so very nice.

  8. The dresses are gorgeous. I'm glad you had a good break.

  9. I love those dresses! Could do with a couple for myself ^_^

    (*So* nice to see another Aussie's blog :D - Hi!!)


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