Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Step Back in Time

 Are you ready for a step back into my sewing past? I was reading Shannon's Blog recently and some fabric that she was using looked familiar ....hmmm ... I was prompted to dig around the old photo albums to look for the gold and silk fabric that I used on a collar for a little tie up top - the sleeves were sheer black and it was worn over a LBD - I think it was a Burda Pattern - I probably still have it ..... anyway, it may be nothing at all like Shannon's great little skirt - but the journey back into my photo albums was fun and I thought I'd record them here ... Anyway, the above photo was for my Graduation Dinner 1992 - I distinctly recall only finishing the outfit 5 minutes before we had to go - I did that quite a lot in those days...
Jayne's Wedding, Nana Glen, NSW I made the dress plus Shaun's shirt!!  1989
3rd Year Uni - I did a B.Ed (Home Economics) - I drafted & made this dress, made the hat, the gloves and the bag!! 1989

Mick & Ann's Wedding 1989 I think?? I made the dress.
I made this jumpsuit - woo hoo!! late 80s I guess
Looking like an old Grandma - 1994 - Leonie & Mick's Wedding - I remember I had tonsillitis that day - it shows!! I made the Jacket - tailoring at Uni and the dress - and the hat - I did Millinery after Uni at Newcastle TAFE - loved it!!

1990 - My Wedding Day - it rained and rained and rained - here is the driver holding an umbrella for me. I made my dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the flower girl's dress and the groomsman's bow ties and cummerbunds - I had heaps of time - Uni holidays - 3 months!!

Sewing my little heart out on Mum's old Singer.

The overskirt had lots of crystal organza bias strips sewn on in wavy patterns - I don't know how I did it without a bias maker!

Late 80's -I didn't make the top - but I made the pants - they have a leather yoke.
For Maree's wedding -I made the dress and jacket.
And for Alison & Rory's wedding I made this cute little number - lots of weddings in those days!

!st Year Uni - 1988 - Full Circle High Waisted Skirt and Stretch Knit Top - I loved that skirt!!
Same skirt with a blouse made at Uni.

This was 1990 - Shaun and I just announced our engagement - I made his seersucker shirt, my skirt and top and my sister Georgie's Jacket and Skirt - or did Mum make that?? Can't remember...

Geraldine's Wedding - same dress as before - different hairstyle - the French Roll!!
This was a 4th Year Textile's Project - I made a child's playmat - it's difficult to see the detail here - but it was a journey of experiential learning - and many many hours of work - not sure what happened to it - it went AWOL before my kids appeared on the scene.

So there you have it - funny hairstyles - thinner physique - I had a great time in those Uni days of sewing for my course - after that my life took a different direction - I taught Nutrition for many years, had children...... and then after many years, high school teaching brought my back  into Textiles - and here I am - glad to be back!!


  1. WOW this was fun. You made a lot of beautiful garments and so nice to look back at the different styles and occasions. Your wedding dress is gorgeous!

  2. You clever girl, you..... AND YOU MADE THE GLOVES?????!!!!!

    There are so many photos of me like the one of you "sewing your heart out" and lots of parallels with stages of fashion (except a perm would never hold in my hair!....which I'm kinda glad of now). Lovely journey - thanks for taking the timeto post all the photos!

    (...and you MADE THE GLOVES?...you were dedicated!)

  3. Thanks Ann & Nikki - those gloves - well - they were pretty badly made - I didn't realise how tricky they would be - and they were machine stitched - I'm glad I don't know where they are now!!! And the perm - WOW - 3 or 4 hours of torture - and they didn't last too long in my hair either! I am extremely grateful for the quality tuition we had at Uni - at the time we didn't appreciate it - we worked so so hard - and there were very high expectations - our lecturers were fabulous - I learnt so much that I use everyday in my sewing now.

  4. Love your photos! Makes me want to grovel through mine too, looking for things I've sewn. Oh wait...I've probably still got many of my dresses from the 80s! LOL

  5. That was amazing, so many handmade garments... You were very dedicated! And I recognized a (clothing and hair) style or two from my own past... Your wedding dress was a work of art. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice fashion journey through time! Your wedding dress looks amazing on you - wonderful work!

  7. Wow, what a fun post! I love seeing these past creations and 80's style. Your sewing past reminds me so much of mine, but my degree wasn't in the same field. I wish I had as many photos of the things I made. Your wedding dress is beautiful. And I can see why you loved the circle skirt. So flattering! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow you've been busy & great that you can document your wearable art like that. Who is that blonde bombshell next to you in the 3rd last photo?? Can't wait to see what the next couple of decades hold in store for you. Happy NY.

  9. What fun photos - I have many from the same era in clothing I made - with a similar perm. How amazing that you made your wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses too.

  10. Thanks for sharing your photos --- I remember those years so it is fun to see the hair and the styles! You made some wonderful projects, but your wedding dress was absolutely amazing!

  11. I love walks down memory lane - what a fun post! Your wedding dress is beautiful. :)

  12. Hey... Where did my comment go... in cyberspace.....lol I totally enjoyed your step back in time and the garments you made. Your wedding gown is gorgeous.

  13. Oh my gosh, I just LOVE this post! Such fun, and a real trip down memory lane for you, I'll bet. I wish I had photos of everything I made too, some many of my things have gone forever, which makes me sad...
    Your wedding dress is absolutely stunning. A real work of art...

  14. I just love all your 'old' pictures. I wish in some years I can show the pictures and say I made this and this. you were always really fashionable! I love specially the last dress (from Geraldine's wedding). Big kisses from Europe!


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