Monday, July 11, 2011

Ready, Steady, Knit

Well, not quite - this took me 2 years to knit!!! I am a complete novice knitter - yes, I've made numerous scarves and squares sewn into rugs, but I've never made anything with a proper shape for wearing.

I borrowed a library book and launched into this cardi .... it took forever, mum had to help me with the tricky bits, there are numerous mistakes - repeated rows - but they are sort of consistent - and there was no way I was going to unravel it... it doesn't hang the way it does in the picture and it weighs a tonne! But it's warm and I WILL WEAR IT!!!
Now, I did plan to title this post as "At least it's finished!" but I had to find a way to link in a boast for this picture ....
I went along to a screening of "Ready, Steady, Cook" in Sydney with my son and our school. It was an experience - good fun - and those chefs are quite amazing - they really do cook it all in the time allocated!

On a different trip to Sydney, this time with my 14 year old daughter, I was delighted with this display in a Supre shop - I can't actually bear to go into a Supre shop, but I happily snapped a few pics and waited dutifully outside. (Warning - if you click on the Supre link - you may get a blast of music which is played at 10 times the volume in the shops - hence - don't go in!!)

On our way to Haigh's Chocolate Shop in the Strand Arcade, we stumbled upon an amazing and beautiful display of fashion creations from TAFE students .... so much talent and creativity - a real treat!

On the knitting front, I have nearly completed a waistcoat - and have started a 2nd cardi - well, what are cold winter nights for???


  1. Love the cardi and agree knitting is great for cold winter nights. Great TAFE creations.

  2. Two years! Congrats on finishing such a fun and functional sweater. Just in time for winter!

  3. Your cardi looks fantastic! It's nice to know that a novice knitter can finish a proper project. I am still plugging away at a pull-over myself!

  4. Wow! I am impressed with your cardigan. I couldn't even imagine trying to knit a project that big if I was a novice. Great job!

  5. Your cardi is very impressive. I've never even attempted knitting. Looks like you had an action-packed trip.

  6. Your cardi looks great. It is a very long and substantial garment for a first! Your next ones must feel so much faster. Fantastic.

  7. WoW!!! there is no way you are a novice knitter... That Waist coat is Gorgeous and love the sleeve ribbing. You did an awesome job. I can't wait for fall/winter to hit these parts... my favorite time to knit & crochet.


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