Monday, July 25, 2011

Style Arc Laura Combo

Pose courtesy of Karin!!     

So here are the last of the Sydney photos - I wore this outfit to see Jersey Boys and the next night to see Mary Poppins - nothing like travellin' light! By the way, both shows were amazing - the music of the Jersey Boys was great - even though Franki Valli's voice can be annoying - the music in general was fun! Mary Poppins, all I can say is,  if you haven't seen it - YOU MUST!!!

Anyway, the Laura Combo from Style Arc ..... I'll present my notes for each item....

Laura Jacket
Size 10. I've made two of these jackets, the first was in a medium ponte, and it was evident that the fabric was not drapey enough for this design - the collar didn't sit right. My second one was in a lightweight knit - much better. I used some strips (two cm wide) of fusible interfacing to reinforce the shoulder seam. The collar/ hood (the pattern actually refers to a collar / hood even though the drawings don't show a hood - yet the pattern shape looks like a hood ...??) anyway, since the seam is exposed it may be a good idea to do a Flat Fell or French Seam if you don't want the overlocking stitches to show. Also, be aware that the wrong side of the fabric will clearly show in this pattern. To finish the front edges the instructions say to baby lock or overlock edge stitch. I thought I'd try a specialty thread in one of the loopers to give it a nicer than ordinary finish .... it took much trial and error to get the right thread - but I was happy to find this one while at the Quilt and Craft Fair ....

In summary, great pattern - even in the slightly heavier fabric where the collar doesn't drape as well as the softer one - I have still worn it alot. It's a slim fit. The instructions are basic - but it is really easy to make.

Laura Knit Legging

Size 10 - the fit is snug - as it should be. I used a lycra that is too shiney - I need to make another pair in some better fabric. Basic construction steps, no diagrams but the experienced sewist should be fine. There is a slight typo in the instructions ....2. Using a safety or sew the front crotches .... Anyway, a great legging pattern.

Laura Dress

I used a grey light weight interlock for the top portion and a Martin & Savage polyester / lycra print for the main part. I also used a mesh lining (just for the main part of the dress) to give this some body and so that it wouldn't cling to me. I think the dress ended up shorter that I thought it would from the drawing, but, I still really like this dress. It goes well with the Laura Jacket and the tights, but equally well without the tights. It has a slim fit - and feels great to wear. Lots of possibilities with mixing up fabrics and colours. The picture has no Centre Back seam but the back is clearly cut with a seam and there is no reference to sewing up the CB seam. Otherwise an easy construction and a good multi season piece to add to the wardrobe.


  1. That's quite a bit of sewing! And flattering sewing, at that! Congrats! I really like how you've made pieces that work together. I need to keep that lesson in mind as my sewing develops.

  2. These look great. Love the M & S fabric, your placement of the pattern is perfect.

  3. The outfit looks great - and perfect for the occasion. The pattern is almost identical to my Butterick 5472 jacket. Now I think I want a grey one too. Love the dress and I must find out how to buy Martin and Savage fabrics.

  4. Great outfit and you are making the Style Arc patterns look very good.

  5. I bought the Combo. So far I've only made the leggings, but I'll make the others for fall. I've become a huge fan of StyleArc. The drafting is just superb, and the fit through the shoulders is great!

  6. Nice combination! I really like how you used the two different fabrics for the dress. The finish, with your specialty thread, looks fantastic too!

  7. Great combo and obviously works well for travel! Love the fabrics you chose for the dress.

  8. A very nice outfit that looks like it could mix and match really well - and it looks to fit you beautifully! You are evidently a bit taller than their drawn model though :-)

  9. What a cool & chic' ensemble and I really love the dress and the 2 different fabrics. I've always been intimidated by front yokes. It looks great on you. I would like to try the jacket and since Gail mentioned B5472, I will look for that pattern and try it.

  10. I'm jumping on the Style Arc bandwagon - I really appreciate your review of all 3 pieces, since I'm considering this one. Looks great on you, & what a good travel outfit!


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