Sunday, November 6, 2011

Improvisational Screen Printing

Nothing like a bit of fabric colouration to put a spark in the weekend.I did a workshop with Marie Therese Wisniowski organised by Newcastle Printmakers at Studio 48 New Lambton.

A few silk worms munching away quietly as we worked.

Low relief objects and crayons.

Cold Wax Resist

It was great to learn some new techniques and to have a play with colours - lots more experimentation required .....

And just to finish with a few snaps from the Blacksmiths Primary School Market Night - a lovely night - I did a bit a sewing, but mostly talking which is just as nice!


  1. I was just wondering this very day how the market went - and if the frock got lots of attention!

  2. Looks like you've had a wonderfully creative weekend. Your polka dot dress looks fabulous by the way.

  3. I'm drooling over the printing workshop - what fun that looks like! Love the polka dot dress too :)

  4. Looks like something I'd love to do, too. Maybe I'll come along to the next one...

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