Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kwik Sew 3854 Shorts View B and Screen Printing

I've blogged about these shorts previously. I've added about 14cm to the length ...... to best suit my needs!!

They have a nice wide waistband piece that fits nicely. Size: Medium.
My dog thinks the remote is a treat.....
Fabric: a brushed drill - purchased locally - cheap enough to try out these shorts  - but the ghosting isn't great!
Great pattern - fabulous instructions - just a couple of suggestions .....when they suggest to understitch the waistband pieces - start and stop 2cm from the ends - so that the corners turn nicely. The pockets are a little shallow - but they are deep enough for my needs (dog treats and remotes).

No, I didn't make my T Shirt - but I did screen print the little design on it. I just finished a 3 week "Screen Printing on T Shirts" course at Newcastle TAFE. It was a great course - 3 hours on Saturday mornings. We started with Paper Cut stencils - I paper cut this little fellow, then we did some photo emulsion designs. We learnt to make our own silk screen frames, and lots of other printing related ideas. So much fun!

The teacher's sample. 2nd colour applied with a transparency stencil.

The "proper" design students will be selling their designs at Newcastle's next Art Bazaar.
My collage for transferring to a photo emulsion screen - my aim was for detail!!!!

My photo emulsion screen.

The exposure machine for photo emulsion screens.
And finally a few pics ...
Me and Mum

A cheeky galah checking out my photo shoot. As I write this blog I've been listening to Dig Internet Radio - such great music - love it!!


  1. I just made these shorts too! The fit still needs some tweaking for me, but I think that they are a great pattern. Love that screen printed t-shirt!

  2. Wow! Love the shorts, and the t-shirt too! Lucky being able to do such a wonderful sounding course .

  3. Your shorts look great and I love the silk screen print on your t-shirt. I would love to take a class like that some day!

  4. Now, those are cool shorts and great photo shoot. I hadn't worn shorts for several years until this past summer and not finding the right pattern, ended up refashioning capri pants.

    Ok... You know I am gaga over the screen printing, love the t-shirt. I was thinking of purchasing the yudu, but read there was a big learning curve and decided not to buy it.


    However, I came across a tutorial on using stencils and screen printing paint and purchased several t-shirts in the hopes of trying that technique.


    Thank you for the beautiful compliment.

  5. Cute shorts! I especially love those pockets.

    And your screen printing class looks like so much fun! I look forward to seeing what else you do with it!

  6. Cute shorts! The silk screening looks fun.

  7. Nice shorts. I really like the details on the waistband. Your workshop sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. Great blog. The shorts are perfect. Thank you for the advice.

  9. I like this style of longer short - the only type I can get away with now. The fabric printing looks interesting.

  10. Congratulations on your silk screening!

    What a delightful embellishment.




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