Sunday, March 11, 2012

15 Candles

My Sweet Pea turned 15 this week.
She quite liked the Tote Bag that I made at TAFE a couple of weeks ago (it was our introductory machining lesson) and she asked for the bleached denim fabric .... so voila!
A simple design, and no interfacing, makes this a lightweight and easy going bag that holds heaps. So that's the last of my bleached denim for the time being.
Another project at TAFE this week involved adapting an easy fit pant pattern - that we drafted from direct measurements .... into some cute boxer shorts  - perfect timing for my little miss I added some ruffles, trimmed a trouser pocket and added a back patch pocket.

So, apart from all that ..... in our pattern modification class we did some sleeve variations ... puffed sleeves, gathered sleeve head and flared sleeve. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Great bag + gorgeous shorts = lucky daughter :)

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! The bag and shorts are really cute.

  3. Those shorts are super cute. Great bag too.

  4. Super cute shorts and great bag.


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