Monday, July 23, 2012

Sewing Leather Workshop

Firstly, I know I've got quite a bit of catching up to do .... you've probably been as busy as me, so there's no need to gabble on about excuses ...... Secondly, thanks so much to my merry band of regular comment makers - a small, select group  - but since I've completely slackened off reading blogs and leaving comments, I very much appreciate those of you who do take the time to leave some words of encouragement / suggestions - So THANKS!!!!

Also thanks for all of your comments and suggestions about Photo Sharing options as per my previous post .... I will definitely have to start resizing my photos - which programs do you recommend to do that? I'll also look into the various photo sharing options - I really have no problem paying - it's just that it's a monthly payment, and from what I read there are no refunds, and I just don't know if that goes on for the rest of your life - and what happens when I die??? It's a weird kind of set up .....  I have a Flickr account, but had trouble uploading images from there onto here - the message said that I might have a password or something that is stopping the load - but I don't have privacy restrictions - just the usual login password thingo - ahhh - very confusing!!! Anyway, somehow I managed to add some photos to this post, and I didn't get the error message I got last night - it may be my last!

A while ago now, I did a leather sewing workshop with the ASG on the Central Coast (NSW). Ronda Braybrook was our teacher, and she's quite the know how person when it comes to sewing - she wore a beautiful soft blue leather jacket and she even intentionally left one of the lining seams open so that we could have a sneaky peek inside her jacket - how good is that?? She also had a helper  (who's name I've forgotten - sorry) and she wore a very cool leather jacket as well - so these girls really knew what they were talking about!

After discussing the types of leather and where to buy, we did some samples experimenting with thread and needle types.

And then we made this little wristlet bag - cute hey! I purchased this leather on the Pattern Review shopping weekend in Sydney ..... looking to more adventures with leather.


  1. It's a sweet little bag and the stitching looks very neat. Well done, since we all know there are no second chances with leather!

  2. I resize my photos with Photoshop Elements. I love this program, though there is a bit of a learning curve. It's basically a home version of the professional program and it's much less expensive.

    I am on a Mac, and you can resize photos in iPhoto, which comes with the Mac.

    What I do is first crop my photos, which also removes unwanted pixels. Then I resize the picture to 400 pixels wide - I let the software constrain the proportions of the photo's height.

    That little purse, which looks like a Sandra Betzina pattern, is SO CUTE! I don't generally sew leather, but I can admire it!

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us. I was thinking about doing this workshop but couldn't fit in into my weekend.
    I do like your wristlet bag. NSW Leather is a great place to purchase leather from locally.

  4. Oh, pretty little wristlet. Love the bold red color.

  5. Very cute wristlet and agree with velosewer about NSW Leather but a very dangerous place for your wallet to visit.

  6. What a fabulous bag. I think leather in Australia is very overpriced. I regret not buying the skins I saw in London for 10 pounds each.

  7. Nice bag! Good for you, for jumping into working with leather. The stuff scares me a bit, but I know sooner or later I'll give it a whirl.


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