Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo Storage

As I was preparing a post today, I received a message that my photo storage was full, and that I was required to pay for extra photo storage capacity.  The cost was $2.49 per month ..... reasonable enough, I suppose ...... but for how long? Has anyone else come across this in Blogland? And if we start paying the monthly fee, and continue to publish,  then decide to stop paying ..... does all of our blog work disappear?

I'd be interested in your thoughts and the alternatives ......    I'd insert a photo but ....... oops !!


  1. A Flickr Pro Account costs money - I signed up for mine a year or so back and from memory it was because I'd reached my limit - not sure how much I pay could be $24.95 for 12mths?

    I like Flickr - it's easy, efficient and I have a certain amount of control over where my photos might end up.

  2. Haven't come across this before, but hopefully someone will have the answer for all of us!!! Disappearing blogs won't make for happy sewers...

    ✿ Judith
    made by J

  3. Yes, I do think about this. I used to upload my pictures as they came off the camera - in high resolution. Once I realized this was wasting space on my Picasa account, I started resizing my images so they are much smaller before uploading them. In 3 years (since starting my blog), I have used up 1/3rd of my Picasa limit. By extrapolation I have another 6 years to go. Maybe I should consider sizing my images down even further.

    Another thing I did this year was to delete about a dozen posts. These were early posts where I didn't like the photos, or the garments, etc. I first backed up the posts (and comments) to my local drive, as well as the corresponding photos. Most of these photos were of the larger variety.

    I also created a free account on another photo hosting site, in fact, I have one on Flickr and another on Imgur. I prefer Picasa over Flickr because it has a larger limit.

    Anyway, this is all to say, I have thought about it. It would make me sad if I had a paid image account, then passed away, and my images disappeared from my blog.

  4. Oooops, this is the first I've heard of this problem. I wonder if you could simply start your blog under a new name with brand new storage capacity?

  5. I think about this as well. I store in Picasa, and like shams, I've deleted a few posts, and I try to purge the photos I've not used. This got me in trouble recently, though, when I inadvertently deleted a profile pic!

    I don't take my "fashion" shots in high resolution - if I'm only doing it for blogland, I use a mid resolution. I think I have a ways to go before using up all of my storage.

    I'm too cheapImeanfrugal to pay lol!

  6. I store, edit and catalogue all my photos on whatever software comes with the computer I have at the time, or the software that came with whatever camera I am using at the time.
    My point is to be selective with what you upload to flikr then it will take much longer to get to use up the limit. Picasa tends to grab everything and it becomes much harder to control.

  7. I resize my pics down for my blog because I had seen other bloggers have to deal with lack of storage. I store the high res pics at home and I'm slowly figuring out an online storage solution. Flickr has been handy but I'm not sure about continuing with this account as yet.

    I hope you come up with a solution that suits your needs and budget.

  8. I do like Shams: decrease the size of my photos before uploading them to Picasa. I started my blog in 2007 and without seriously cleaning up on pictures at any time I've used only 24% of the allowed space. That's another 15 years to go!


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