Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pyramid Prototypes

Two Pyramid Purse Variations - the floral one includes a Candy Twist variation - the geometric one is larger without a decorative variation/

For the Candy Twist - assemble pre cut strips of fabric.


The two print variations become the centre of the twist effect.

The Candy Twist is sewn into the pink strips to "sandwich" the seams together.

Line up all the strips to be joined - you will need to squares for either side of the zip.

Stitch across one end of the inserted pleats in one direction.

The sew across the other end in the opposite direction so that the pleats must twist.

So, with either pyramid variation - when you insert the zipper - sew it fax down on the right side of the fabric.

Add the other side of the fabric square to the other side of the zipper.

And here is the zipper inserted in the main fabric.

Fuse on the pellon - to the wrong side of the main fabric - I cut the pellon shape smaller - so that it avoided the zip area.

This pink print fabric is the lining for this purse - attach it to the zipper - effectively 'sandwiching" the zipper between the main fabric and lining.

Here is the lining fabric pinned on top of the zipper.

Sorry that my photos are incomplete - camera difficulties - however .......

When the lining is attached to either side of the zipper - the lining and the main fabric are treated as two separate  pieces- you then have to sew them following the directions in the Feisty Stitcher Book. Here are a few links that may also help...

This one has a good photo of treating the bag and the lining separately - but she does add extra fabric for the zip ends - not completely necessary

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  1. Lots of work involved with the twisted one! Looks great.


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