Monday, March 30, 2009

Dyeing and Stitching

Watch out all of you flower children ..... it's the age of Aquarius again!!!! I've been dyeing preparing for some School Holiday Workshops coming up .....

I've been using the Liquid Radiance Colours that I've talked about before ......
Here are the results .... groovy!

What's that Rolling Stones song? ..... ".... like a rainbow..." ?

OK, so here's the cushion - very simple...

And the back ....
Also a simple bag shape - with raw edges cut to be raggy .... this is before the washing machine ..
And this is after a wash and tumble dry ... all fluffy!

Add some cute little yo yos .... Liquid Radiance even dyes the elastic to match!
Voila! Anyone know when the next Woodstock is on???


  1. Very retro, they are definitely vibrant colours! I love the fluffy look, It suits the bag really well.

  2. Yay groover girl , so nice and bright .
    clares craftroom

  3. Wow how vibrant! Yes you can borrow the Easter bonnet! Can I bring it over from England? what a great excuse!

  4. anne from finlandSunday, 05 April, 2009

    How beautiful colours!Wow!

  5. BWOF back issues can be bought directly from the distributor in Sydney for $10 each if you are buying a quantity. This is roughly $6 off the newsagency price, not exactly a song, but cheaper than Vogue patterns! The distributor is EuroPress Distributions, 3/123 McEvoy St Alexandria

  6. That is some beautiful dyeing. I love those colors.


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