Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Quilts

As previously mentioned, in 2008 I learnt how to make patchwork quilts. Here are two more quilts ... photographed under our Tibouchina Tree in flower ..... The first was for my son, I used the pattern from "Last Minute Patchwork Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. I can't remember what it's called ...?..... "Six of one ..." rings a bell...?
I really like the simplicity of the design and the highlight bits are fun ..

This was the first quilt that I machined quilted - I didn't enjoy it - way too much fabric to get under that needle ....
Next is one that I made for my daughter, the pattern was from Better Homes and Garden, I think the design is called "Squares and Hourglasses" - it was quick to make up ... in fact, I think this is my favourite quilt to date, because the colours and designs in the fabrics are so happy ... This one was machine quilted by Barry & Jane (local quilters) and they did a fab job ...
Tha backing is a fabric SHIKI by Kumiko Sudo - it is one complete piece, with some more Kumiko for the border .... I love the back as much as the front ...

I free motion embroidered the label ...

Thanks to my son and his friend for holding the quilts to be photographed ... all they wanted to do was to kick the ball around .... and they end up being quilt models!


  1. Oh, those are so beautiful! Nice work.

  2. Love the blue quilt! I think I have to buy the book just for that pattern


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