Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two Flat Feet

It all started with an impulse purchase whilst waiting in line at Spotlight. My poor suffering children are used to the Spotlight routine..... hold my place in the line .... whilst I forage for the fabric. From time to time I have to buy the fabric for school, that is a mammoth task, I've even borrowed my mum's Granny Trolley to manage that one! Anyway, waiting in line we spot this lovely Broderie Anglaise with a hibiscus print in a light aqua blue .... that will make a nice summer dress, so we grab it. I used Simplicity 5681, without the assymmetrical hemline, fully lined it - don't want those Broderie holes revealing anything! I used some cotton lace for detail at the centre front of the bodice.

So that was well and good, but I had some fabric leftover ......... enough for a hat I think!
I've had this hat pattern for a while from NicoleM Design. So off I went ....

Now, that was easy - hmmm...... more leftovers .... such as waste .... No! I need to try out this Beach Bag pattern that I bought at the 2008 Stitches & Craft in Sydney from the lady in person!

Well, all was going well, until I hit a crisis. See the photo below - I was TWO FLAT FEET short for the base .... grrhh. So lovely Leah sends me a lovely package with "YAY" stuck on it ...
YAY! is right! Feet for many a bag in store.....

I love a happy ending. I used the Broderie leftover form the dress with some Duck Indian Cloth (also from Spotty) in white and aqua to coordinate the whole thing. It's a sturdy and good lookin bag ....

Now everything is overly coordinated and photographed.....but ... I think we can do better ...... let's liven things up with a photo shoot at MY beach ......

And sew it seams that day is done ....


  1. Such a glamourous model in such an idyllic location. I love your bag and I'm amazed at how you transformed the Spotlight fabric into so many gorgeous items. Fabulous!

    Ann :)

  2. Ooh, I love a Von Trapp Family sewing project! Nothing like making the most out of your fabric...

    Lovely to see the finished items (and so beautifully photographed!).

  3. That is absolutely adorable and I love Nikki's Von Trapp sewing comment! I have Nicole's Beach Bag pattern too and it's great! I just bought a very pretty shower curtain at a 2nd hand store for $2.00 and it's destined to become an outfit with a matching bag too, but there will be no hat as I hate wearing anything on my head!

  4. That's fantastic. That's not just a home sewing project ... it's couture! You look really great. x

  5. I love the whole thing, the bag,dress and hat.Well done!!!!

  6. A perfect photoshoot! Love the coordinated outfit and such great fabric!

  7. Well I'm obviously late for the show, but that's an adorable outfit! And it's a great color on you. And those beach pictures make me feel warm sand on my toes... I wish!

  8. At second look I realize this is proably your daughter.. sorry! Still, beautiful, outfit as well as model!

  9. I'm totally in love with that bag and the matching dress and hat are just awesome!


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