Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dora the Fedora

May I introduce to you .... Miss Dora the stylish Fedora ....

Hat Block only used for photographic purposes ..... (cleverly) not required for construction ...

I tested this pattern for Nikki.

I'm sure it won't be called Dora - but the name has stuck for me.

This is a challenging project - especially in denim....

But, as usual, Nikki's instructions are meticulous .... and I am still in awe at the intricacies in her pattern making because there are so many subtle design considerations ... she's certainly one clever patootie!


  1. a seriously nice hat. Are you selling these?

  2. Looks terribly swish too!

  3. Fab result, Gay. I wish I had such great results with Blogger accepting my comments. This is attempt number 4.... wish me luck!

  4. Very stylish hat! Looks most effective in the denim.

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love the fedora!!!

  6. that looks fantastic, think i would be too scared to make a hat like this, although nikki's patterns are fab :-)

  7. Wow! It looks like you've done a brilliant job on a complex piece. Nice work!! :-)

  8. Hi Gay

    The hat looks fantastic. I love the denim. By the way, I'm the "new girl" in Nikki's Office. Am looking forward to meeting you soon :).
    Regards Ann Marie

  9. The hat looks awesome! I think it looks fab in the denim.


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